The biggest update EVER

It is about time to update my travel blog, since so much happened, so many more travels, so many more adventures and so many happy moments.
I’ll try to sum up these last three years of my life, in photo of course, always !

Let’s get to the point ! Remember, my last article was about the Grand Canyon in California in September 2012…

Vol helico au-dessus du Grand Canyon

My world tour  with Lynden ended in Portugal in October 2012. Peniche, Rip Curl Pro (surf contest). Here is the proof :


He looks good huh … Guess who’s the photograph  😀 That year, Julian Wilson won the Rip Curl Pro . that’s him on the stage in the background of the photo.

This world tour is one of the most amazing experience in my life. We have so many good/bad stories, we are still cracking up ourselves to some of them.
Eventually, every good things come to an end and Lynden got back to work to Mulga Rocks while I was planning my return in Australia for Lynden’s sisters wedding in Brisbane in January 2013. I had a lovely time meeting Lynden’s parents and sisters. Sarah and Troy’s wedding day was unforgettable… and hot (more than 40degrees, I love Queensland)
Oh sorry! maybe would you like to get acquainted with the family ?

Hang on a sec, i’m going to dive in my memories to pick the best one.

Here we gooo


The Wright family 😉  Hello guys !  Family portrait (ok a bit blur i know) taken on the summit of a look out, view over the Glass House Mountains in Queensland. What a fantastic day we had.

Life got back to usual after this happy wedding and happy family moments. Back in Perth, back in Mulga Rocks in my little exploration camps…
But I got itchy feet again, and before moving in our new appartment in Scarborough in April 2013, I decided to go to Bali by myself while Lynden kept working in the desert.

I went to Amed, north-east of Bali and was amazed by people, their free spirit, the landscapes. I learnt how to find my own sunshine in simple moments, how to defeat my own fears… I called those holidays as my Balinese Therapy (not joking)

End of April 2013, the moving in, yes ! We lived in a lovely appartment in Scarborough, ideally located 5mn walking from the beach. Time together, when not at work, was spent on the beach, taking photos, including some 4WD sometimes…


Then my 2nd working holidays visa was over and I decided to go back to france in November 2013, with Lynden’s promise to visit me there. It was a sad time but i got to have a proper good bye by spending one last week holidays down south, in beautiful Margaret River with a friend of mine and his niece.



A lot of people asked me how I felt being back in France. I didn’t know what to say because it took me a few month to realize my travel time was all over and be able to analyse my own state of mind
Now I can say : my return wasn’t easy for sure. However, being away from France, I realized i missed my country. Despite all its failings, it also has a lot of potential,  a good lifestyle depending on where you live… I tried to capture it.

Yes, i got my French life back in hands, my habits, my friends, made new ones and created more memories again.


March 2014. Finally found a full time job and Lynden came over for 3 weeks holidays…

Visiting family, visiting castle…

And then… and then… WE GOT ENGAGED !

Wedding was held 6 month later in France, 4th of October 2014. We gathered French and Australian families for the event, and were surrounded by our close friends from all the horizons. A unique, beautiful, unforgettable and truly emotional day.

Well. No photos. No motivation. Had a photography breakdown. A very busy year arranging my future life, in Tasmania, to join my husband….

Actually, that’s not true. i remember now ahahahaha



You absolutely have to go there or you ll be missing out, BIG TIME. My people know what a blast I had during my stay in Malta. I met amazing people, maltese people are welcoming, the island is beautiful and their history so captivating… You will find a mix of european and arabs influence in their language and culture.
I stayed In a little hostel, a traditional maltese home. Not a big hostel and the atmosphere was homy and cosy. People there feel home immediately and after a few evenings spent all together, we had the most amazing times. So if you’re up for bohemian life, if you prefer a good bottle of wine rather than strong alcohol… Visit Boho Hostel in San Giljian.
Best time in the year, april-june / september-october, most recommanded otherwise it is very very very hot and not enjoyable during the peak season.
You really need to go there….

This 3 year chapter ends now, even if there is always so much to write about…
Next step is my moving in Bicheno in Tasmania. I probablly should start another blog, not a travel blog, but a blog for my tasmanian life, who knows….

See you to the next chapter and thank you for following me…

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