Meet the traveller…

Hello there !

I’m Estelle. Welcome on board !  😀
I was 22 when I decided to embark on a journey, the one shaping my destiny… except that i didn’t know it yet, back then.

I know you are not here by coincidence. Like me, you love this free feeling not knowing what will be on the menu tomorrow; or to feel ridiculously small lost in the middle of nowhere. Nothing is more important to bond with this person sitting next to you in the bus while crossing rice fields landscapes, or to absorb every details of a magic place.
And when you think you got it all, actually, you haven’t : this person you might talk with just gave you the most precious advice. How to find joy and happiness in the most simple moments of an ordinary life.

These experiences makes people fully aware of how life is precious, then realizes that the direction of our path matters, that every humans life matters. I am not happy about the way our world goes. I am not ready to buy and believe what’s been giving to me on a silver platter by the medias and politics. I want to see with my own eyes. I need to see the proof that there are people in this world capable of loving and accepting each others’s differences. I want to see the Love, the Respect and the Hope  rather than hate, despair and sadness.

Just a thought.
The world is an unbelievable vibration. Our thoughts are too. World population is 7 400 000 000 . What would be the world with 7 400 000 000 thoughts turned to the right direction ?

See you around the Corner…



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