The biggest update EVER

It is about time to update my travel blog, since so much happened, so many more travels, so many more adventures and so many happy moments.
I’ll try to sum up these last three years of my life, in photo of course, always !

Let’s get to the point ! Remember, my last article was about the Grand Canyon in California in September 2012…

Vol helico au-dessus du Grand Canyon

My world tour  with Lynden ended in Portugal in October 2012. Peniche, Rip Curl Pro (surf contest). Here is the proof :


He looks good huh … Guess who’s the photograph  😀 That year, Julian Wilson won the Rip Curl Pro . that’s him on the stage in the background of the photo.

This world tour is one of the most amazing experience in my life. We have so many good/bad stories, we are still cracking up ourselves to some of them.
Eventually, every good things come to an end and Lynden got back to work to Mulga Rocks while I was planning my return in Australia for Lynden’s sisters wedding in Brisbane in January 2013. I had a lovely time meeting Lynden’s parents and sisters. Sarah and Troy’s wedding day was unforgettable… and hot (more than 40degrees, I love Queensland)
Oh sorry! maybe would you like to get acquainted with the family ?

Hang on a sec, i’m going to dive in my memories to pick the best one.

Here we gooo


The Wright family 😉  Hello guys !  Family portrait (ok a bit blur i know) taken on the summit of a look out, view over the Glass House Mountains in Queensland. What a fantastic day we had.

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